What To Know

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What is a Security Bond?

A security bond is a binding pledge to pay the government if either you or your worker breaks the law, Work Permit conditions or security bond conditions. The bond is in the form of a banker’s or insurer’s guarantee. You must buy a $5,000 security bond for each non-Malaysian Work Permit holder you employ. You cannot ask your worker to pay for the bond.

Are you a registered agency?

Yes, we are. Our license number is 23C1900. This license is issued by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to operate a Maid Recruitment and Deployment business.

How long it takes for my helper to arrive in Singapore?

Firstly, the application for a maid has to be completed correctly to process the maid’s Work Permit. Following which it takes anywhere from one to six weeks for the maid to arrive and commence working. The maid arrival duration may also depend on the maid nationality.

How much levy do I have to pay?

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How do I apply for levy concession?

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Insurance requirements for MDWs

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Pre-employment medical examination for MDWs

You must send your helper for a medical examination by a Singapore-registered doctor within 2 weeks from her arrival in Singapore. Make sure she brings along the medical examination form for the tests. You can only get her Work Permit issued if she passes the medical examination. Otherwise, she will have to be sent home.

Six-monthly medical examination (6ME) for MDWs

During your migrant domestic worker's (MDW) employment, you must send her for a medical screening every 6 months. This medical examination screens for pregnancy and infectious diseases such as syphilis, HIV and tuberculosis.

Can I get my MDW to co-pay her medical expenses that exceed the insurance benefit limit?

As employers of migrant domestic workers (MDWs) directly benefit from hiring them, they must bear all the costs of maintaining their MDWs. This includes any medical costs necessary for her health. Hence, you are not allowed to make your MDW pay for her medical expenses. This includes medical expenses that are part of, or above what the insurance pays.

Must the employer pay the salary of their MDW when she is on overseas leave?

No, the employer need not do so unless this is provided for in the employment contract.

Who should pay for an FDW's air ticket if she goes on overseas leave?

Employers and foreign domestic workers (FDWs) are encouraged to discuss and agree on the terms and conditions of employment at the start of the employment relationship. This includes overseas leave arrangements, such as who pays for travel expenses. If it is not stated in the employment contract, you can come to a mutual agreement with your FDW on who should pay. To minimise disputes, this agreement should be in writing.